A Special Introduction from Mattie Murrey

You Got This! Speech Therapy, Coaching, and Consulting

Discover a fresh approach to tackling life's challenges, by thinking and solving problems differently.
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You Got This! Speech Therapy, Coaching, and Consulting

Discover a fresh approach to tackling life’s challenges, by thinking and solving problems differently.

What We Do

Therapy and Coaching for Adults and Kids

Are you having trouble with your memory, words, voice, or swallowing?
Is your child having trouble talking or eating?
Are you looking for support in your caregiver role?

About Mattie Murrey

Speech Language Pathologist

My name is Mattie Murrey Tegels and I am a licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist. At You Got This! Speech Therapy, Coaching, and Consulting, it is my mission to walk alongside you on your journey, supporting and educating you on whatever speech, language, voice, swallowing, or eating challenges that arise.

Help is just around the corner!

At times, I will lead and at times I will follow but I will strive to always be there beside you for your journey. Why? Because I want to be the wind beneath your wings and I believe that You Got This!
It matters where you are going AND it also matters who you have beside you.


American Speech Language Hearing Association Credentialed


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Compliant


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“Mattie Murrey-Tegels has that perfect blend of professional knowledge, skill, and compassionate communication that make her an outstanding speech and language pathologist. She listens carefully, reviews previous evaluations and reports, analyzes the person’s difficulties, and then determines how their strengths can best be used to support their development of new communication skills. I have seen her facilitate the learning of a group of her graduate students which demonstrated her many strengths as well as her respect for her students’ strengths and needs. I recommend her highly without reservation.”

Anita L Kozan, Ph.D.,CCC-SLP

Voice Coach, Teacher of Singing Kozan Clinic for Voice, Speech and Spirit, LLC Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

“Mattie – Can I tell you this… you’re passion for what you do and for my mother’s story continues to fuel my fire – every day. I cannot thank you enough.”
Susie Singer Carter, Writer/Director

Writer/Director, Documentary film maker "No Country For Old People" and "My Mom and The Girl"

Mattie, I just got off the phone with one of your patients.  He had such amazing things to say about you.  He reports that you are a stellar therapist and a great asset to this team.  I know and I totally agree with that.  He states that you have helped him identify his issues and are working closely at achieving his goals.  He has tried treatment in the past and felt that the experience he has with has been way more informational, beneficial, and rewarding.  Thank you for your great work, your stellar customer service, and your amazing patient care.  You are a wonderful therapist and person and make this team!  Happy to gave you be a part of us!

Dr. Sara Woolever, DPT

Assistant Director, MHealth Fairview Medical Center

Mission & Vision Statements

Mission Statement:

My mission is to help people realize their highest communication potential through a multi-modality approach by discovering and cultivating their strengths, targeting functional outcomes, and developing a comprehensive team-centered foundation.

Vision Statement:

My vision is that every person I work with may be able to communicate and express themselves fully to connect, learn, and develop to their highest potential because every life matters.


Because I got this, you got this!

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