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I offer heart-centered work grounded in cutting-edge science.

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“The impact you are able to make on people’s lives amazes me.”

Jason Roering
Minnesota Family

What makes You Got This! Speech Therapy, Coaching, and Consulting different?

You Got This! Speech Therapy and Coaching IS a different and comprehensive private practice offering speech therapy, coaching, and consulting. Whoo hoo! What a welcome relief!
We are the trinity of therapy! You can choose therapy and/or coaching or consulting.

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You decide what you need and YOU are the guest of honor.

What makes us different is what we offer and your array of choices. Because we offer a variety of approaches, you can start with what you need and transition into other areas of need as you progress, finding the answers and support you have been looking for.

For example, therapy is a 1:1 skilled intervention where the focus is on the client and the skill provided is targeting specific challenges or disorders. LEARN MORE ABOUT THERAPY

Coaching is the perfect hybrid relationship, bringing the education, experience, and compassion of a certified SLP together with the energy, focus, and relationality of a certified coach. LEARN MORE ABOUT COACHING

Consulting is tapping directly into the education and experience of a certified SLP, who is an expert in the subject. LEARN MORE ABOUT CONSULTING

And for kicks and giggles, and because I can, I have experience in and offer business speech coaching and accent management coaching. This services focuses on presenting well in professional settings, including elocution, voice projection, and effective communication styles.

Fun fact – I was selected by the Dean at my college to read ALL 400+ names of the graduates as they crossed the stage to receive their diplomas. I got this!

With You Got This! Speech Therapy, Coaching, and Consulting, you can tap into each service separately or choose two services that complement and support each other and then roll into the third service only as needed.

Therapy and coaching is a 1-2 pairing dynamic approach taken that offers both therapy and coaching, providing families and caregivers with an effective client-centered program, really empowering those involved!

Leveling this up, the family/caregiver coaching program is a relationship between the family/caregiver and an SLP coach focused on helping you become the caregiver you need to be, combining forces supporting your child with their specific communication and eating challenges.

You want to be focused on building a relationship with your loved one versus issuing a constant stream of demands or consequences.

Evidence shows us that this pairing of therapy and coaching is the MOST effective approach.

One caveat – this is all very variable as it is very dependent on a variety of factors such as the reason for the speech, language, swallowing, cognitive disorders, the age of the individual, other services provided, and other needs.

The best time to start is now and You Got This! Speech Therapy, Coaching, and Consulting is the support you need.

Whatever your communication or swallowing challenge or struggle is, I will help you and provide you with additional resources to make sure you receive specialized care. You’ll be mentored without judgment and I will walk alongside you as you gain a new perspective on your challenges and develop realistic, new skills and strategies.

How You Got This! Speech Therapy, Coaching, and Consulting came to be

It all started over a coffee date! Jaci Finneman, a known parenting expert reached out to me and asked if I wanted to meet for coffee. We had friends and colleagues in common and both of us kept hearing, “You two need to meet!”. So we did…and we got along very well. From that initial meeting, Jaci invited me to be on her podcast and then be a contributing author in her book and from there I was invited onto other podcasts and summits.

Well, because I was getting so much traffic, I decided to create a landing page for You Got This! Speech Therapy, Coaching, and Consulting, and viola, a private practice was born!

You Got This! Speech Therapy, Coaching, and Consulting is a private practice business offering speech-language pathology therapy, coaching, and consultation.

It was born out of a desire to step outside the box and provide client-centered therapy that is driven by what the client and their support system needs. My model is based on not only targeting and improving the communication challenges but also pairing traditional therapy with a coaching and consulting component.

Everything I do here is catered to the individual client and their support team. We work together to get the intervention, tools, and resources needed to make the gains targeted.

Want to know more about who I am?

🦋 My life started off in a most interesting way as I was born in Japan on a navy base. My father was a physician and I spent the first few years of my life on the back of Jimbosan, my Japanese nanny. Rumor has it, I learned to eat with chopsticks before a fork and spoon. Well, that adventurous start to life left me with the “wander bug” and I have lived, worked, and traveled to a few places around the world.

🦋 For most of my childhood, I lived and thrived in northern Minnesota, venturing out again into the world as a college student and young woman.

🦋 Initially, my college degree was as a technical writer, and one day, I visited my older sister who was a Speech-Language Pathologist, and I just fell in love with what she was doing! When my husband decided to return to school for his PhD., I decided to return for my Master’s degree in…you guessed it…the field of Speech-Language Pathology.

🦋 My husband and I both graduated a few years later and we had the opportunity to work in England for a short while. At another point in time, I also was able to work for a short time in Japan. Now, all these years later and over 25,000 hours of 1:1 skilled intervention, I have worked with people all along the lifespan with a variety of disorders. I have been a generalist and a specialist and I have loved it all.

🦋 For many years, I had my own private practice/consulting business. When I moved away from Nisswa, MN, a town I had raised my children in and lived in for 24 years, I stepped into the higher education realm and became a graduate professor for a Communication Sciences and Disorders program educating and supervising the next generation of SLPs.

🦋 Now, I am starting my private practice back up again because if there is one thing to know about me, it is my love for what I do! I truly enjoy providing client-centered care and watching transformations take place.

🦋 So why am I starting this private practice back up again now? Because I can. My children are grown and doing well and I am at the time in my career where I can choose to do what I want to do and this is what I want to do. I want to make a difference in the lives of those with whom I work.

🦋 I help families and individuals with speech, language, voice, swallowing, and cognitive challenges. I love what I do.

🦋 Because I got this, you got this!

🦋 You Got This! Speech Therapy. Coaching, and Consulting

So what is my background?

I have had a great career spanning the globe and have had the opportunity to work with individuals fresh out of the NICU to the end stages of life. I have covered a wide variety of disorders and challenges.

I have practiced in a wide variety of settings and currently am a professor for a Minnesota graduate program offering a master’s degree to SLPs.

I am a state and national-level speaker on topics in the field of speech-language pathology. I am also the Minnesota Speech Language Hearing Association Future Professional Committee Advisor.

I have specialized training in voice, swallowing disorders, and cognitive-communication disorders such as executive function, attention, and memory disorders in both adults and children. I also am certified as a Dementia Care Specialist, Executive Function Skills for Children and Adolescents, Parkinson’s Voice Project clinician, and MBSImP clinician.

Can you tell I love what I do? 🙂

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