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You Got This! Speech Therapy and Coaching FAQs
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What makes You Got This! Speech Therapy, Coaching, and Consulting different?

  • I offer heart-centered work grounded in cutting-edge science.
  • I am not a Ph.D. level clinician.  I am a strong master-level clinician with years of experience and a passion that burns bright in my heart.
  • I work for you and with you and beside you.
  • I aim for transformation.

I invite you to the team

You Got This! Speech Therapy and Coaching IS a different and comprehensive private practice offering speech therapy, coaching, and consulting.  Whoo hoo!  What a welcome relief!

We are the trinity of therapy!  You can choose therapy and/or coaching or consulting.

Instead of just therapy, we offer coaching and consulting and you are the one who decides what is needed.

You decide what you need and YOU are the guest of honor.


What makes us different is what we offer and your array of choices.

Because we offer a variety of approaches, you can start with what you need and transition into other areas of need as you progress, finding the answers and support you have been looking for.

For example, therapy is a 1:1 skilled intervention where the focus is on the client and the skill provided is targeting specific challenges or disorders


Coaching is the perfect hybrid relationship

Bringing the education, experience, and compassion of a certified SLP together with the energy, focus, and relationality of a certified coach.


Consulting is tapping directly into the education and experience of a certified SLP

Who themselves are an expert on the subject.

My Approach To Coaching

With You Got This! Speech Therapy, Coaching, and Consulting, you can tap into each service separately or choose two services that complement and support each other and then roll into the third service only as needed.

Therapy and coaching is a 1-2 pairing dynamic approach taken that offers both therapy and coaching, providing families and caregivers with an effective client-centered program, really empowering those involved!

Leveling this up, the family/caregiver coaching program is a relationship between the family/caregiver and an SLP coach focused on helping you become the caregiver you need to be, combining forces supporting your child with their specific communication and eating challenges.

You want to be focused on building a relationship with your loved one versus issuing a constant stream of demands or consequences.

Evidence shows us that this pairing of therapy and coaching is the MOST effective approach.

One caveat – this is all very variable as it is very dependent on a variety of factors such as the reason for the speech, language, swallowing, cognitive disorders, the age of the individual, other services provided, and other needs. The best time to start is now and You Got This! Speech Therapy, Coaching, and Consulting is the support you need.

Whatever your communication or swallowing challenge or struggle is, I will help you and provide you with additional resources to make sure you receive specialized care. You’ll be mentored without judgment and I will walk alongside you as you gain a new perspective on your challenges and develop realistic, new skills and strategies.

General Questions

Is there a difference in coaching sessions?
Yes! I offer coaching for individuals who only want coaching and not therapy and I offer coaching for parents and caregivers, who also want the coaching option either in addition to therapy or in place of therapy. It’s up to what you need and the type of support you are looking for. I also offer Business Speech Coaching – whoo hoo!
What do typical coaching sessions look like?
In a typical coaching session, we discuss what has gone well and what continues to be a struggle. The sessions are all about you or what you and your loved one need and want. I have a detailed parenting program that directs discussions and you will have work to complete outside of our sessions.
Who is your typical client?
I don’t really have a typical client as I see a wide variety of communication challenges. The clients that I do work with have the common denominator of being ready to step outside the box with their approach to finding the resources that they need for themselves.
How much does coaching cost?
The cost of your coaching program depends on the amount of support you want and need. I’ve created a variety of programs that come in at different levels so you choose your program. They all vary according to the levels of support and resources needed.
Does You Got This! Speech Therapy and Coaching accept insurance?
No, and that is one of the beauties of this program! You and I decide what your child needs, not an insurance company. You and I get to decide what your child needs and all our decisions are based on your child’s individual challenges. If you would like though, I can provide you with a super bill that you can submit to your insurance. Typically, coaching is not reimbursed by insurance and skilled intervention has to meet certain restrictions, which is why this program steps outside of the box in the program that it offers.
So what is it with all the butterflies?

You Got This! Speech Therapy, Coaching, and Consulting is about transformation. It is about transitioning from one state to another, more evolved state and when I work with clients and I see them doing so well, I imagine them as butterflies that are gaping their strength and ready to fly. I know- I’m a little woo-woo – but this is really what I feel we do. From the very beginning, I work on helping you soar. For the full story on butterflies, read my chapter “The Marine and His Little Boy” in the No Problem Parenting book.

Individual Coaching Questions

Who uses individual coaching?
People who seek out coaching for just themselves are very happy with this option as they are looking for coaching versus therapy. Transgender voice work, social language skills, and executive function are some of the top focuses in individual coaching.
Why does someone choose coaching over therapy?
There are some things that people just don’t want or need formal therapy for and coaching is proven to be a very effective approach for targeting goals. Research shows that coaching can have a large return on investment. People also choose individual therapy because they don’t want to feel confined by the restrictions of insurance companies.

Individual Coaching Questions

Caregiver Coaching Questions

What will I gain from caregiver coaching?
You will gain incredible insight and perspective into a loved one’s challenges and journey, positioning you to be a more effective caregiver and better equipped to manage all that is happening.
What will my loved one gain from coaching?
Your loved one will get the gift of having a caregiver who is more in tune with their challenges and better equipped and educated to manage their care.
What top questions do you answer with caregiver coaching?
1.What does my parent need to be doing differently?
2. What do I need to be doing differently?
3. How can I help my parent more?
4. Where can I find more resources?

Parent Coaching Questions

In parent coaching sessions, is my child involved in the coaching sessions?
Your child is usually only involved in the kick-off session and after that, the coaching sessions focus on you. You are the one driving this though so it is up to you and if you would like your child involved, that is just fine. It’s all about you and your child.
What will I gain from parent coaching?
You will gain incredible insight and perspective into your child’s challenges, positioning you to be a more effective caregiver and more successful at navigating the challenges your child has. The gains you stand to gain are incredible and, I’ve been told, pivotal in both your futures.
Who else might benefit from You Got This! Speech Therapy and Coaching?
Daycare providers, teachers, grandparents – anyone else who regularly works with your child.
Where does all this take place and when?
Usually, our initial meeting is in your home or a place where your child feels relaxed and I can observe him/her in their “natural environment”. This is for a couple of reasons. First, since your child is the guest of honor, and this is all about them, being in your home allows me to see the best your child has to offer as they are more comfortable at home. This can be, however, a safe space for your child and I don’t want them to see me as “someone who needs to fix them”. I’ve heard from parents that occasionally, meeting outside the home is preferred and if that is the case, we find a neutral spot. Everything is figure-outable!
What top questions do you answer with parent coaching?
1. Why is my problem having these troubles?
2. Why is my child having meltdowns when I can’t understand him?
3. What can I do to help my child talk better?

Parent Coaching Questions

Final Questions

Remind me again what makes You Got This! Speech Therapy and Coaching different?

You Got This! Speech Therapy Coaching and Consulting is a developed 3 part coaching program supporting you as you support your child in their communication challenges. Your cost includes a detailed 40+ page workbook and we will work through this in your sessions. This workbook guides our discussions and sessions, uncovering deeper ways to support you in your parenting role.

If you would like, and for a small additional fee, I can order specific items that are hand-picked for your child that we will weave into your daily activities, maximizing your child’s success and communication effectiveness.

If we live out of state, can we still work with you?

Yes! Yes! And Yes! We can most certainly work together through the You Got This! Speech Therapy Coaching and Consulting program. If we agree that skilled intervention is needed for a more intensive, individualized program, I can provide you with local resources, we can work together via the coaching approach, and/or I can become licensed in your state and travel to you for 1:1 work. This can be a very effective approach as I can work with your child in their home, in their daycare, in their school, and in other important places.

Do you need to provide skilled intervention for my child or can you just provide coaching?
That depends on a few things such as what your concerns are, the severity of the problems, and if your child has ever had any speech therapy intervention before. Give me a call and we can have a more in-depth conversation.
Are there any limitations to You Got This! Speech Therapy Coaching and Consulting?
Yes – currently, while I am nationally certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) with my Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCCs), I am only licensed at this time to provide skilled intervention in the state of Minnesota. However, I am a certified professional coach and can provide coaching around the world.

Simply, this means that I can provide coaching wherever you are in the world, but I can only provide skilled intervention (speech, language, cognition, voice, and swallowing therapy) to residents in the state of Minnesota. If you live outside of Minnesota, we need to talk further as I can apply to become licensed to provide skilled intervention in your state.

BONUS: While we are not a part of an EAP, businesses can take advantage of large group discount package prices.

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